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COMMENTS AND CONTROVERSY Lourdes Ramirez addresses the County Commission during an April meeting. Photo by Norman Schimmel A COUNTY COMMISSION EXCHANGE WITH A PUBLIC SPEAKER LEADS TO HARSH WORDS By Rachel Brown Hackney Editor Occasionally, when people address the a complaint that afternoon with two national Sarasota County Commission during the organizations that work to protect free speech "Open to the Public" segments of meetings, and another person to chastise the board. board members will In the morning ask questions to clarsession, Lourdes ify points when they Yo u a r e c o r r e c t t h a t t h e R a m i r e z , p r e s i feel staff follow-up is conversations are not always good with dent of the Sarasota needed. us, that we have people coming after us C o u n t y C o u n c i l An exchange during many times that are wrong. … It's also o f N e i g h b o r h o o d the morning "Open to our obligation to let folks know what the Associations (CONA), the Public" segment actual facts are. stepped to the podium of the commission's to voice displeasure Christine Robinson Commissioner regular session on with county economic Sarasota County Nov. 20 in Sarasota development incenled one speaker to file tives, referencing an

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