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Sarasota News Leader November 22, 2013 OPINION Page 87 SLIGHTLY HACKNEYED A TRAGIC ANNIVERSARY COMMENTARY Today marks the 50th anniversary of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. It was made even more tragic as the opening salvo in a decade of senseless slayings, including those of his brother, Robert F. Kennedy, and the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. five years later. quest to put a man on the moon; the Peace Corps; and the Nuclear Test Ban Treaty. His impact on the nation has extended decades beyond his life. Our cover this week is a photo of an homage to Kennedy and the anniversary of his death crafted by a street artist at the recently concluded Sarasota Chalk Festival. President Kennedy's assassination left an EDITORIALS VERSUS COMMENTARIES indelible mark on all of us who were living at that time, but it has had almost as great an We occasionally are asked why commentaries include the identities of the authors, but impact on those who were born afterward. editorials remain anonymous. His death galvanized a generation in its commitment to service to the country and equality "Why isn't the writer of the editorial listed?" is the frequent question. And the answer is for all. quite simple. He skillfully confronted the aggression of To paraphrase former presidential candidate the Soviet Union that precipitated the Cuban Mitt Romney, "Newspapers are people, too." Missile Crisis, which took us to the brink of nuclear conflict. More important, his brief In other words, editorials are not the opinion of the writer or even presidency articulated of the editorial board. a vision that largely President Kennedy's assassination Editorials are the came to fruition after his death: The passage left an indelible mark on all of us who were opinion of the publication. They really are of the Civil Rights Act; living at that time, but it has had almost as not "unsigned" — the the Voting Rights Act; great an impact on those who were born signature is in the banafterward. the opening of the ner at the top of the Space Age and our cover page.

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