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By the time I begin to compose this letter most weeks, I am just thankful I have finished writing all my stories. This time, my emphasis deservedly needs to be on other, far more important reasons for gratitude. And it is very easy to come up with a quick list, when I look at all we have managed to accomplish with the News Leader. Above all every week, I am extraordinarily thankful for the individuals with whom I work. You will not find a more industrious group anywhere else. And while they are my colleagues, they also are people with whom I truly enjoy spending time. I should emphasize that I am not just talking about our core staff but our contributors as well. You cannot help but recognize their bylines: Harriet Cuthbert, Fran Palmeri and Elinor Rogosin. In fact, Elinor has a review this week of the latest Sarasota Ballet performances, and Fran already has sent in an article for next week. Harriet always has ideas "cooking." They are every bit as important in the creation of the News Leader as Cooper, Stan and Roger. While I have been better lately, I think, about giving credit to Production Manager Cleve Posey and Copy Editor Vicki Chatley, I do not mention John Riley often enough. The News Leader seems to be one of a dwindling number of publications that still has its own political cartoonist on staff, and he is brilliant. Finally, and most important, I am thankful for all of you, our readers. Without your support, there would be no News Leader. Editor and Publisher

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