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A GREATER TUNNEL DEPTH, PERHAPS This cross section of Hudson Bayou at the Osprey Avenue bridge shows the abutments reach bedrock limestone. The earlier microtunneling operated barely below the limestone, and it could have emerged into the silt on the north side before boring into the abutment. Image courtesy City of Sarasota DISCUSSIONS CONTINUE ABOUT THE BEST WAY TO ACHIEVE THE DESIRED RESULTS FOR THE CITY'S TROUBLED NEW LIFT STATION By Stan Zimmerman City Editor A series of scientific tests indicate a microtunnel under Hudson Bayou needs to be eight feet deeper than originally thought, meaning the lift station on the northern shore in Luke Wood Park in Sarasota may need to be eight feet deeper, too. The details were revealed at a biweekly status meeting among the project manager, city utility officials and a consultant. The proposal for sinking the project deeper into the ground came after an examination by Sandy Nettles, a geotechnical engineer and president of N.S. Nettles and Associates of Palm Harbor. The new lift station team is trying to pick up after the project failed last year, resulting in It appears the drill would have a multimillion-dolbeen in the silt and sediment layer. It lar lawsuit. Earlier would have hit the bridge abutment where this month, another the rock slopes down on the north side. geophysical engineer suggested the preRobert Garland Project Manager vious attempt failed McKim & Creed because of inadequate

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