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Sarasota News Leader November 29, 2013 Page 54 lubrication of the "cutting head" of a micro- NEXT STEPS tunneling rig. Most of the drilling, seismology and elecFurther research now indicates the failure trical resistance testing is complete, so the was propitious because the previous team engineers have a much better idea than their was about to drill into the north abutment of predecessors regarding what lies under the the Osprey Avenue bridge across the bayou. surface — and what lies ahead for the project. "We're recommending the crown of the pipe be at negative-16 feet. The previous design Tom Cross is the project manager for the was negative-8.5 feet. It would [have] hit the lift station part of the project. The station is bridge abutment and gone above the bedrock composed of four separate buildings in the park. Two of them contain submersible elecin some places," explained Nettles. tric pumps that will propel sewage from the "It appears the drill would have been in the silt southern third of the city to the 12th Street and sediment layer," noted Robert Garland, treatment plant. The raw material has been Southeast regional manager of McKim & planned to arrive at the lift station purely by Creed. The engineering company is handling gravity. the work now. "It would have hit the bridge abutment where the rock slopes down on the "The gravity pipe needs to be lowered six to eight feet," said Cross. "The submersible north side." Sandy Nettles is a geophysical engineer who can 'see' underground. Photo by Stan Zimmerman

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