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Sarasota News Leader November 29, 2013 Page 74 PINE VIEW SCHOOL SETS WORLD RECORD FOR FAST SANDWICH-MAKING Pine View School will be officially awarded the Guinness World Record for the most sandwiches made within an hour, the Sarasota County School District has announced. On May 30, a community service club known as Pine View Interact coordinated the preparation of 5,721 sandwiches in 60 minutes by about 600 students, adhering to strict Guinness World Record rules, a news release says. The previous record was 2,706 sandwiches in one hour, achieved just nine days earlier by Eckrich Bacon Lovers Deli Meats in New York City. The new record set by Pine View students could not be declared official until evidence of the attempt was reviewed by Guinness, the release adds. Critical to the verification were video documentation of each minute of the hour and the notes of the 10 Sarasota people who served as judges and timekeepers. Each of the 5,721 sandwiches had to be counted by two judges, according to Guinness rules, the release notes. The judges included Sarasota County Sheriff Tom Knight; County Commissioner Christine Robinson; School Board Chairwoman Jane Goodwin; Wendy Deming, chief of staff of the Gulf Coast Community Foundation; and Beverly Girard, director of Nutrition and Food Services for the Sarasota County Schools. The Rotary of Sarasota Sunrise-sponsored Interact Club decided to break the record to fulfill its mission to serve the local community as well as the global community, the release explains. All the sandwiches made were donated to five local charities: Salvation Army centers in Sarasota and Venice, Harvest Tabernacle, Church of the Palms and Resurrection House. Donations raised above the cost of supplies were donated to Interact's global project, Life for a Child, the release continues. The project provides insulin supplies to children with Type I diabetes in Haiti. In the 2012-13 school year, Interact donated $7,000 to this cause, the release adds. Jeremy Kemp, project leader for the Pine View sandwich-making event and current University of Virginia student, said in the release, "We were on pins and needles for three months as Guinness reviewed video documentation and the log books recorded by the officials. I can't thank our sponsors and judges enough for the resources they donated, including their valuable time. This world record would not have been possible without their support." Pine View School is located at 1 Python Path in Osprey. CITY FINANCE DEPARTMENT WINS PRESTIGIOUS HONOR The same week the City of Sarasota learned its general obligation bonds and non-ad valorem obligations ratings were affirmed, the Finance Department also was honored with a prestigious professional award, the city has announced. First, Moody's affirmed the Aa2 rating on the city's general obligation bonds as well as the Aa3 rating on the city's non-ad valorem obligations, a news release says. Among the reasons Moody's provided for the affirmations were the following, the release notes:

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