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Sarasota News Leader November 29, 2013 vehicle burglary in a store parking lot, the release adds. Another person charged in this operation was arrested in the first Booster Buster crackdown, the release points out. Page 83 opportunities to collaborate on reducing retail theft," the release notes. "Much of our field intelligence pointed to a specific location near one of the targeted shopping centers where some of our prolific offenders frequently congregated," Knight continued in the release. "Crime analysts realized some of these offenders felt the pressure we were exerting on other crimes and turned to retail theft and return fraud instead." "Forty arrests in just three days exemplifies the fact that retail theft is a monumental problem in Sarasota County," said Sheriff Knight in the release. "Nearly all of the people arrested have criminal histories but are just released to commit more crime. We will continue our crackdown to assist these businesses and Operation Booster Buster utilized the Tactical, Crime Analysis and Traffic units, in addition to reduce shoplifting in this community." Patrol, Criminal Investigations and Corrections The Sheriff's Office "formed a unique pub- personnel, the release says. To date, the three lic-private partnership with major local retail theft operations have resulted in 131 retailers for the first operation in July, arrests. Additional suspects have been identiwhich has continued with efforts to enhance fied in the most recent operation, the release theft detection methods and expanded adds; charges are pending. % QUICK TIP Share stories by clicking the icon in the menubar and choosing to share via e-mail, post to Facebook or Twitter, or many other sharing options. QUICK TIP For the best viewing experience on a computer click the the menubar to zoom to fullscreen mode. icon in

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