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Sarasota News Leader November 29, 2013 Atwell signed her settlement with Mogensen on Nov. 7. In a press release the next day, Atwell said, "I am firmly convinced that I did not violate the sunshine law …." Atwell's legal fees were covered by the city, but starting next week, Chapman's may not be. Page 10 Commerce meeting has been noticed, as has the upcoming Tiger Bay Club gathering. At the City Commission meeting on Nov. 18, Fournier asked the board members how to handle Chapman's fees after the city and Atwell had settled. He was told to keep paying them until the next meeting, on Dec. 2, when the issue would come up again for discussion. The News Leader quoted Chapman at the Nov. 18 City Commission meeting saying she never received the same settlement offer that Atwell had from Citizens for Sunshine. Mogensen disputed that statement in an email to the News Leader. "This is flatly untrue," Mogensen wrote. "On Nov. 1, 2013 I extended the very same offer to both Atwell and Chapman …." (emphasis in the original). (See the guest column in today's issue.) Meanwhile, the Office of the City Auditor and Clerk is giving notice to a variety of meetings that may include two or more city commissioners, no matter what the agenda topics or settings are. For example, a Chamber of Both women rejected the Nov. 1 offer. Atwell received a different offer to settle on Nov. 7. That offer was not furnished to Chapman until after Chapman made her statement during the Nov. 18 City Commission meeting, Chapman City Commissioner Susan Chapman listens to a speaker at a joint city/county meeting. Photo by Norman Schimmel

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