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A REPRIEVE The City Commission this week continued to debate 'Lady Justice' in terms of a Sunshine lawsuit. Photo from Wikimedia Commons THE CITY COMMISSION REVERSES COURSE AND VOTES TO PAY COMMISSIONER SUSAN CHAPMAN'S LEGAL FEES FOR ANOTHER 90 DAYS By Stan Zimmerman City Editor In a dramatic turnaround, the Sarasota City Commission on Dec. 2 agreed to extend the time it will pay for the defense of one of its members in a suit charging she violated the state's open meetings law. installments or wait and see. The law requires full payment from the city if Chapman succeeds in her defense. The commissioners during that meeting voted to pay her legal bills for two weeks, ending Dec. 2. City Attorney Bob Fournier opened the dis- On Monday, Fournier endorsed one of his options. "My recomcussion by changing mendation: Authorize the recommendation If the city will not back up its t h e f u l l p a y m e n t he previously made to the board. He had commissioner, will it back up advisory o f C o m m i s s i o n e r Chapman's attorney's offered the commis- panel members? fees, win or lose. If you sion three options: Eileen Normile have some discomfort, pay all of the legal Member Independent Police Advisory Panel make it six-month or fees for Commissioner quarterly payments." Susan Chapman, pay

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