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Sarasota News Leader December 6, 2013 Page 55 Leader on Dec. 4, referring to the concerns about potential impact on property values. What Patterson was more interested in, she told the News Leader, was signage that could be put up easily if staff became aware of a situation in which a road might be blocked for several hours. Certain county employees already keep an eye on such developments, she added. The Nov. 18 memo explains, "During storm events, the maintenance crews are organized based on priorities as reported and staff that normally works on [preventive] mainteW8-18 W8-19 nance (pipe repairs and canal maintenance) is deployed to address immediate concerns The federal Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices includes two types of signs designed including roadway flooding and blockages to warn motorists about flooded roads. Image that are creating a high water hazard. In from the Federal Highway Administration addition, heavy equipment is on call and the vacuum trucks are deployed, one in North these areas and [placing] road ... signage as County and one in South County, to assist the required …" crews, as necessary with debris removal." The memo adds that the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices includes a section Given the fact that Sarasota County is a coastal titled Weather Condition Signs, which procommunity that sees a lot of water on roads vides guidance for the placement of two from time to time — including tide-related specific types of signs. One says, "ROAD MAY rises that subside naturally — insufficient FLOOD," while the other serves as a depth staff is available to "put a warning sign up" gauge to show how high the water is on a on every road with standing water, Patterson road. The manual notes, "If used, the Depth pointed out. Gauge sign shall be in addition to the ROAD "If staff can respond sufficiently to warn peo- MAY FLOOD sign and shall indicate the depth ple off [in the more critical situations], that of water at the deepest point on the roadway." will be great," she added. Robinson said she would wait to see what other suggestions staff may provide after conThe memo from Cash and Williams also points tinued review of the matter. out that 53 known problem areas "are investigated and cleared prior to a storm event. "That's a good thing," Patterson noted of the During an event, Staff is actively evaluating continued staff work on the issue. %

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