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Sarasota News Leader December 6, 2013 Page 60 Past SKVA President Russell Matthes con- "He will be a good resource for you," Gaddie firmed that. agreed, adding that Lally should be able to advise the committee of any needed changes "You just need to come up with what you're from an enforcement standpoint. going to propose, and they'll do the 'legalese,'" Gaddie added. Gaddie further pointed out that Patterson had indicated to SKVA and Chamber representaAfter a version has won agreement from the tives that if changes were made to the SKOD SKVA, the SKA and the Siesta Chamber, she to allow for some types of outdoor displays, said, it will have to win County Commission Patterson felt the modifications would never approval before becoming part of the SKOD. be revised again. As soon as the draft is ready, Gaddie asked However, Matthes responded, "Never say, that Toomey send it to her; Maria Bankemper, 'Never.'" chairwoman of the Siesta Chamber; and Catherine Luckner, president of the SKA. "We Still, Gaddie told Toomey and the other comcan look at it before we meet …" mittee members, "Just keep that in mind. [The county commissioners are] going to be lookOnce they have the document, Matthes pointed ing at that [aspect] very closely." out, all three organization leaders could provide their board members with copies to When SKVA Treasurer Roz Hyman asked for review before the committee makes its pre- clarification about the plan to present two sentation. Gaddie, Bankemper and Luckner proposals, representing the different types of also could suggest changes in advance, he businesses, Toomey told her the committee added. members feel there is "a wide gap" between retail and rental companies. Toomey said he hoped the committee could schedule appearances before the boards over "I think they've got to be combined," Hyman the next couple of months. replied of the proposals. Otherwise, she said, more problems might ensue. SKA Secretary Peter van Roekens also suggested the committee members show the "They could be the same proposal," but in two draft to county Code Enforcement staff, to be parts, Toomey told her. sure the changes can be enforced. Gaddie also recommended the committee When Toomey asked whether Code members photograph examples of the types Enforcement Officer John Lally, who works on of displays the draft will include as appropriSiesta Key, would be the appropriate person to ate. Visuals are important in conveying ideas, contact, van Roekens replied, "I think so." she pointed out. % The Sarasota News Leader No-Nonsense Reporting

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