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Sarasota News Leader December 6, 2013 Watch your tree grow! Just give it enough room! You will create a little habitat. Every yard counts. Parks and open spaces are valuable natural areas. With so much being cleared for development, natural places are at a premium. Your tree can be a residence for the locals — cardinals, mockingbirds, catbirds and blue jays — that are with us all year, and it can provide five-star accommodations for migratory birds seeking shelter against rain and cold when they move through our area in spring and fall. Page 90 We often have a cold snap in this area just around the holidays, so this a perfect time to provide a "roof and complimentary breakfast" for the birds. We are grateful for the generous grant from our local chapter of the Florida Native Plant Society, as well as for the Florida Native Plants Nursery volunteers who will host the SOS Holiday Party for the Birds. Call SOS at 388-3010 to make a reservation, or visit the site on Facebook for more information. %

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