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Sarasota News Leader January 24, 2014 Council is made up of representatives from the county's cities — e.g., Venice Vice Mayor Bob Daniels, North Port Commissioner Cheryl Cook and City of Sarasota Commissioner Paul Caragiulo — and the private sector — e.g., Sarasota News Leader Staff Photographer Norman Schimmel. Blackketter discussed all the research that had gone into the business plan, which included trips to almost every major rowing center in the country, and then dove into the numbers. Suncoast Aquatics is projecting that 25 Page 27 total events will take place at the rowing center this year, a number the group thinks will grow to 81 by 2020, with projected growth in each of the types of events as well. Seventeen training teams have already booked the park for 2014; Blackketter's presentation indicated that number could swell to 52 by the end of the decade. Each so-dubbed "large" event would generate upwards of $15,000 in profit over the next couple of years, Blackketter explained. But revenue from so-called "special" events, such Benderson Park will be hosting a number of major events leading up to the World Rowing Championships in 2017. Photo by Norman Schimmel

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