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formal interlocal agreement signed by both commissions. At stake — depending on whose projections are used — is about half a billion dollars in total city and county property tax revenue. But who might be in a position to sign that document is as imponderable as the document itself. A lot of political water will flow under the bridge before the current CRA expires in 2016. WHO WILL DECIDE? Who will vote on the interlocal agreement depends on when that vote is held. For example, two county commissioners face term limits and will come off the board in November. So if the issue comes up before then, Commissioners Nora Patterson and Joe Barbetta will cast their votes. From prior statements, that is a wash. Patterson has spoken on several occasions against the CRA extension, while Barbetta has been in favor of it. A year ago at a joint City-County commission meeting, Patterson said, "I'm as committed to the downtown as anybody at this table. I live in the city, I love the city. But I think extending this is not a good idea." Barbetta added at the same meeting, "It's been successful. We all win if we reinvest in our community. From my perspective, I'm for extending it." He, like Patterson, is a city resident. At present, two Republican candidates are vying for the nomination to replace Patterson. Alan Maio and Lourdes Ramirez are running for that District Four seat. For District Two, the candidates are Paul Caragiulo and Pete Two new county commissioners could decide the fate of the CRA. Photo by Norman Schimmel Sarasota News Leader January 31, 2014 Page 56

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