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and it was determined that that would be allowed as part of this request." When Patterson asked her question again of Smith, he replied, "The way they've always done it, ma'am, I guess: cooperation and a neighborhood full of love," drawing laughter from some of the board members. OTHER SITE DETAILS As he had explained to the Planning Commission on Dec. 19, Smith told the County Commission that the new structure has been made floodproof without its having to be ele- vated "on stilts." The foundation is a 32-inch concrete slab, he added, and flood panels will go up on the exterior where doors and other openings are. He told the Planning Commission the combi- nation of that slab and the flood panels should enable the ground floor to resist the hydro- static pressure of a storm event. "It's really neat technology," Smith said at that Dec. 19 meeting. Because of the design, the first floor is only 30 inches higher than the level of the sidewalk, Smith continued. Noting that representatives of Benderson Development were present for the agenda item just prior to the transient units public hearing, Smith said he was disappointed they had left. He had hoped they would listen to him talk about his belief that older structures in the Village can be improved without hav- ing to be elevated to meet Federal Emergency Management Act regulations for construction in floodplains, he said. Benderson owns the shopping center across from Gidget's, Smith noted. AS FOR THE NOISE … "We do get a few noise complaints on occa- sion on Siesta Key in the Village," Smith told the commissioners. If landlords have tenants above the businesses, he added, "There's a better chance of self-policing." Planning Commission members thought other Siesta Village landlords should con- sider adopting Syprett's and Lancer's model, he said. "We'll see how that goes." Only one speaker appeared before the County Commission during the public hearing. Peter van Roekens, representing the Terrace East condominium complex homeowners board, said, "It gives me great pleasure, actually, to come and speak in favor of a development." The Terrace East board members "really think this is a great idea," he added, noting any time a bar can be replaced with a retail business in the Village, "I think that's wonderful." Van Roekens continued, "The noise is a prob- lem [in the Village], and I think this wall has helped." Terrace East is south of the Gidget's/Siesta Key Oyster Bar site. "In any event," van Roekens said, "we think highly of this project and would like you to support it." With no other speakers, Chairman Charles Hines closed the public hearing. Patterson made the motion to approve the special exception, with Vice Chairwoman Christine Robinson seconding it. % Sarasota News Leader January 31, 2014 Page 64

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