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At that point, according to the report, Martin told the officers he pulled the vehicle over at their direction because "he didn't want to go back to jail." Upon searching the Toyota, one officer found a loaded Star .45-caliber handgun under the driver's seat, the report says. It had one round The Sarasota Police Department will take the public on another virtual ride-along on Friday, Jan. 31, the department has announced. It will host its third Tweet from the Beat from 6:30 p.m. Friday until 3 a.m. Saturday, a news release says. Anyone who already has a Twitter account may follow the Sarasota Police Department at the handle @SarasotaPD. Anyone who is not on Twitter may go to twit- and sign up, the release points out, adding that the process is easy. "Throughout the night, Officer Jon Vanik and other officers will share what they see and do POLICE DEPARTMENT TO HOST THIRD TWEET FROM THE BEAT through texts, videos and photos in tweets from the beat" through the Partnership Policing Communications Department coor- dinator, the release adds. People following @ SarasotaPD will be able to ask questions and interact with those officers. "Our Tweet from the Beat program has been a success with people and law enforcement from here in Sarasota and all over the coun- try as they interact with our officers," said Capt. Pat Robinson of the Bureau of Patrol Operations in the release. % in the chamber and five in the magazine, the report notes. Several other bullets were dis- covered in a sock, which was in the side pocket of the front passenger door. Additionally, Martin had "a large amount of cash in his front left pocket," the report notes. Sarasota News Leader January 31, 2014 Page 76

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