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deadline have not been done." (The emphasis is in the email.) The TCO previously was extended on Dec. 30. The Notice of Violation means the owners have until Feb. 20 to complete the punch list or the county will issue an Affidavit of Violation that will result in the parties appearing before a Code Enforcement Special Magistrate, as well as the potential for fines, county spokes- man Curt Preisser explained to The Sarasota News Leader on Jan. 31. According to a document prepared by county Code Enforcement Officer Kevin Burns, the Special Magistrate can impose penalties up to $250 per day for each day a violation exists and penalties up to $500 per day for each repeat violation. The court appearance could come within three to five days after the issuance of an Affidavit of Violation, Preisser pointed out. Altogether, Preisser said, it could take 30 to 60 days to go through that legal process. In the meantime, the restaurant's princi- pals — The Best Restaurant on 41 LLC and Skipper Bobs LLC — are asking the court, in the Emergency Motion for Preliminary, Mandatory Injunction filed on Jan. 31, to require the county to issue a fourth extension of the TCO for another 30 days. They also seek an award "of Plaintiff's costs" and "other such general and equitable relief as appropri- ate under the circumstances." The motion says, "There is a strong probability that Bob's can complete the punch list items if given time to generate sufficient income from operation of the Restaurant," empha- sizing, "Completion of the punch list requires On Dec. 3, the Bob's Boathouse sign advertised closing at 2 a.m. File photo The sign for Bob's Boathouse at 5515 S. Tamiami Trail advertised breakfast, lunch and dinner on the morning of Feb. 4, plus entertainment for that night. Photo by Rachel Hackney Sarasota News Leader February 7, 2014 Page 27

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