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Siesta Seen During the Feb. 6 SKA meeting, Deputy Chris McGregor explained that the majority of the burglaries at that point had taken place in the 6000 block of Midnight Pass Road. In most cases, he said, people had left their doors unlocked. The island seems so wonderful, he pointed out, many tourists think it is safe enough that they do not need to lock up valu- ables. "And it is paradise," McGregor said, "but we do still have crime here." The suspect is very careful, McGregor added, because he takes a few items and a little bit of money. That makes it less likely people will know they have been robbed as soon as they return to their condo units. The latest photo of the suspect accompanies this column. STORMWATER PROJECT UPDATE In his report this week to the County Commission regarding progress on the storm- water project next to Siesta Public Beach, Isaac Brownman, director of capital proj- ects for the county, wrote that completion of the permanent pump station was on hold "until fabrication, delivery and connection of the electrical control building is completed. This partially prefabricated structure has been undergoing constructability changes to ensure that the building remains watertight in the event of submergence from a storm driven tidal surge. Final testing of the pump station will be delayed as a result of the fabrication lead time and to fully install this item." Brownman added, "It was unknown until recently what impact, if any, this component would have on the project schedule," as staff and the contractor worked to ensure they could get a flood-proof structure from the manufacturer. Brownman added that fill from the stormwa- ter project is being used for the parking areas at Siesta Public Beach, and construction of the new maintenance facility remains under way, along with work on general site grading and the landscape berm. % The Sarasota County Sheriff 's Office is continuing to ask the public's help in identifying this suspect in recent burglaries on Siesta Key. Image courtesy Sheriff's Office Sarasota News Leader February 28, 2014 Page 110

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