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One topic I seldom have mentioned in this space — but one that is vital to our publication — is quality of photographs. Many of you have taken the time to remark on how good the News Leader looks. Those of you who view it on an iPad get the fullest sense of my husband's vision for this weekly news magazine; yet, regardless of whether you are using an Apple device or something else, we want the images accompanying our stories to look as good as possible. When I first learned to lay out pages years ago at the Pelican Press, one of the first things I heard — from General Manager Karen Koblenz and from Cleve Posey, the News Leader's produc- tion manager who held the same position at the Pelican — was that we had to use high-resolution images. It was not always easy to make people understand what constituted such a photo, since I am not as tech- nologically literate as I would like to be. Now, even cellphones have the capability of taking photos of sufficient quality to work well in the News Leader. And we readily welcome readers' contributions of images they have tak- en with their smartphones, especially when they have captured activities that illustrate a story exceptionally well. The past couple of weeks, Cleve has had to tell me several times that photos I have given him for stories just would not work. I have made it plain to him that he is the final arbi- ter on that point. Do not ever hesitate to send us pictures! Just understand that some work better than others. Editor and Publisher WELCOME

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