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Residents of Siesta Key's Avenida de Mayo are continuing to call the Sarasota County Sheriff's Office about people violating the parking restrictions the county recently i m p o s e d o n t h e i r street, but the presi- dent of the Siesta Key Association (SKA) has suggested raising the parking fine may be the key to the solution. Michael Shay, who was named president of the neighborhood advocacy organization on March 1, wrote The Sarasota News Leader in an email this week that if the countywide $25 fine is supposed to be a deterrent to illegal parking, "then here on the Key it is not working." Moreover, Shay says, while deputies are responding to calls about vehicles in "No Parking" zones on the street, he feels more regular patrols of Avenida de Mayo would be helpful. Drivers continue to park illegally just north of the Canal Road intersection. Vehicles were left there early on Saturday morning for Siesta Fiesta. File photo THE LEADER OF A SIESTA KEY ORGANIZATION SAYS THE $25 COST OF A PARKING TICKET DOES NOT DETER REPEAT OFFENDERS ON A NEIGHBORHOOD STREET HIGHER PARKING FINE SUGGESTED In an ideal situation, you would have enough public parking. ... I would say that we're pretty much at capacity [on Siesta Key] in season. Nora Patterson Commissioner Sarasota County By Rachel Brown Hackney Editor

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