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constructed the pool at grade level after the court action ruled out the elevated structures. Nonetheless, as a condition of the 2011 vari- ance, the memo points out, the owner agreed to execute a conservation easement on the property and record it prior to commencing construction of the pool. "The petitioner's attorney held the document after having the petitioner sign it on August 30, 2013," the memo adds. "Seeking compliance with the variance condi- tions," the memo continues, "staff prompted the petitioner's attorney to provide the required Conservation Easement and the doc- ument was received on April 2, 2014." The easement lists Lynne E. Gayler as the trustee of the Lynne E. Gayler Self Trusteed Revocable Trust Agreement and lists the trust's address in Centerville, OH. The 9,646-square-foot easement is seaward of the pool. The memo notes that the purpose of the agreement "is to assure that the conserved area will be retained in its existing or restored natural condition." VERNA AND SINGLETARY On Dec. 10, 2013, the County Commission approved a $188,625.96 contract with Ajax Paving Industries of Florida LLC for the resurfacing of Verna and Singletary roads in the area east of Fruitville Road. During the project, which began in late January, the con- tractor discovered "a large void … within the storm drainage pipe crossing on Singletary Road," about 600 feet east of Verna Road, a staff memo points out. Stormwater flow was not going through the pipes, the memo says. Additionally, a cross drain on Verna Road was found to have a defect; it needs to be relined, the memo points out. Repairs are expected to start on May 19, with substantial completion of the resurfacing project expected in June, the memo adds. Isaac Brownman, the county's director of pub- lic works, explained the structural problems to the commissioners during their March 25 budget workshop. At that time, they approved county surtax funding in the amount of $250,000 to make the repairs possible. A for- mal contract change order was necessary, however, before the work could proceed. % Lucy Nicandri, vice president of marketing and special events for Suncoast Charities for Children, addresses the County Commission in March 2013. File photo Sarasota News Leader May 9, 2014 Page 73

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