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Siesta Seen However, Smith said he heard Championship no longer has that contract, either. I was able to confirm that information this week. Smith added that he had been able to convince county staff that a management company would be a better choice to take over the Siesta Village work. In response to Commissioner Nora Patterson's request for details about the Championship situation, Lisa Cece, special district coordi- nator in the county's Transportation and Real Estate Department, sent all the commission- ers an email on May 27. Cece explained that on Feb. 25, the Maintenance Corp. met to discuss the needs and level of service in the maintenance district (primarily the Village) under the contract with Championship. She continued, "The [Maintenance Corp.] Board voted unanimously to not renew this contract," adding that the current term will expire Aug. 21. "The Board also discussed and voted unanimously to hire someone to oversee the current contractual services (pending)," she wrote, noting that the board further agreed "that a Property Management Company would be better suited to oversee the needs of the District moving forward ..." Cece added, "The County delivered via cer- tified mail a Notice of Non-Renewal Letter to Championship, LLC, May 21, 2014, to pro- vide the necessary ninety (90) day notice [that the contract would not be renewed]. Championship LLC, has acknowledged receipt of this letter and is continuing to provide necessary services to the District through August 20, 2014." Cece noted that staff had sent to the county's Procurement Department documents pre- pared to seek bids for property management services. "This bid is slated to advertise as soon as possible, proposed for May 30, 2014," she wrote. "Plans are underway to ensure ser- vices are maintained continuously throughout the bid process to contract award." Cece also pointed out that later this week, Chief County Engineer James K. Harriott Jr. will be sending a full report to the com- missioners, detailing the maintenance of the Village under the current contract. When I spoke with Cece on May 27, she said she really would prefer not to comment on the situation. She did note that the county is "really relying on Championship" to handle the upkeep during the summer, until a new firm can take over. She also concurred with Smith about the cur- rent upkeep of the Village, adding that that county staff has not been pleased. THE CRAIG SIEGEL CASES The same morning he entered written "Not guilty" pleas in cases involving alleged bat- tery on a county Code Enforcement officer and rental fraud, Siesta resident Craig Siegel also attended a Code Enforcement Special Magistrate hearing. On May 23, Siegel, wearing shorts, a T-shirt and flip flops, appeared before Special Sarasota News Leader May 30, 2014 Page 66

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