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Siesta Seen Magistrate Meg Wittmer in Sarasota in con- nection with the case that apparently led to his allegedly throwing a bucket of urine on Code Enforcement Officer James S. Holderby on April 28. Code Enforcement Officer John Lally — the regular inspector on Siesta Key — told Wittmer that on April 1, Holderby found furniture, debris and overflowing trash cans on the 5174 Sandy Cove Ave. property owned by 5174 Sand Cove Lane, for which Siegel is the trustee. Holderby subsequently issued a Notice of Violation, Lally added. (Lally was out on leave at the time.) Photos taken by Holderby on April 1 were submitted into evidence. According to Lally's Siesta resident Craig Siegel (left) and county Code Enforcement Officer John Lally await copies of a Special Magistrate's order after a May 23 hearing. Photo by Rachel Hackney Sarasota News Leader May 30, 2014 Page 67

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