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discovered in its proposal. According to a letter Bobo later submitted, National had underestimated its monthly management fees by almost $34,000 beginning in 2017, affecting Phase Three of the project. "The payroll formula basically was omitted," Bobo tells the News Leader. "It just didn't make it into the final spreadsheet." He says the error was reported to the county "within five minutes" of the company's discovering it; he calls the correction a "minor change" that would have no immediate impact on the com- pany's plan. National is managing the Springs on a short-term basis; that contract expires at the end of August. Is Bobo concerned that the mistake might jeopardize National's plan? "There's always trepidation when you start doing these proposals," he says. "'Are you going to get it?' 'What's our competition like?' Definitely, those things go through your mind. We're up against competitors that have been in the business that know what they're doing." "It doesn't give me a concern right now," County Commission Vice Chairwoman Christine Robinson tells the News Leader when asked about the National error. "The great part about the way we are doing this is we don't have to take a package as they present it. If we don't like an element, we can negotiate it out of it." As for the protest against Jebco, Robinson says it was filed "prematurely" and is "proce- durally out of line." She adds that she has "a lot of questions" for both applicants. "Now we're going to get into the details." % • Gene Burgess and Melonie Burgess, licensed acupuncture physicians • Serving Sarasota since 2008 • Treatment rates are on a sliding scale, from $15-$35; new patients pay a one-time additional fee of $10 AFFORDABLE ACUPUNCTURE FOR EVERYONE 3615 Webber St • Sarasota, FL 34232 (941) 922-4611 Open Tuesday through Saturday Our Mission To provide our community with high quality and affordable acupuncture and herbal medicine and to create a treatment space that connects people and builds community. Click for larger map and driving directions Click To Schedule An Appointment Online MENTION THIS AD TO RECEIVE $5 OFF THE NEW PATIENT FEE Sarasota News Leader June 20, 2014 Page 34

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