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revenue pool and its capital budget funds, she pointed out. "That's a lot of money." As Goodwin laid it out after about 25 minutes of discussion, the choices are to continue to allocate the money to each new charter school as the district has been doing, refuse to pro- vide any of the funds to new charter schools or make a decision on a case-by-case basis. "We need to do something," she added. Board member Shirley Brown noted that, without a policy in place, future School Boards could take a different view of the situation altogether. Three seats are up for election this year, she added. (See the related story in this issue.) Board member Caroline Zucker requested that School Board Attorney Art Hardy be present for the August workshop to offer counsel. She pointed out that Hardy previ- ously had recommended the board remain flexible in its handling of these extra alloca- tions to charter schools. REPRISING THE DISCUSSION Zucker was the one who asked that the latest discussion be placed on the June 17 agenda. When Vice Chairman Frank Kovach reminded his colleagues that they had debated the mat- ter about six or eight months ago, Goodwin and Zucker pointed to the number of poten- tial applicants for new charter schools as the reason to settle on a future course. Zucker stressed that she has no desire to change the policy in regard to the 12 charter schools already operating in the district. Sarasota County Schools Deputy Chief Financial Officer Al Weidner talks with School Board member Shirley Brown before the start of the June 17 workshop as Vice Chairman Frank Kovach reviews materials. Photo by Rachel Hackney Sarasota News Leader June 20, 2014 Page 36

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