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As chairwoman of the Sarasota County Tourist Development Council (TDC), Commissioner Nora Patterson told her board members on June 19, "I'm not going to speak one way or another. … This is supposed to come from you and, ultimately, I have to vote at the County Commission level." She was referring to a proposal by some of her colleagues on the County Commission to reduce the amount of money allocated annually to Visit Sarasota County for promo- tional purposes. During budget workshops this year, commissioners have proposed that more funds be devoted to constructing new facilities that could supplement the county's existing attractions. Patterson and her fellow commissioners wanted the TDC members to have an oppor- tunity to "weigh in on" the matter before the commissioners vote on it after a public hear- ing on July 9, she explained on June 19. And when the TDC board voted after about an hour of discussion, Patterson was the only one to say "No" to the motion calling for 7.5 percent of the amount of money generated by THE MAJORITY OF THE COUNTY'S TOURIST DEVELOPMENT COUNCIL RECOMMENDS THE COUNTY COMMISSION ACCEPT THE LOWEST PROPOSED FIGURE IN REDUCING TOURISM PROMOTIONAL FUNDING By Rachel Brown Hackney Editor A chart shows how revenue from each penny of the county's Tourist Development Tax is allocated. Image courtesy Sarasota County Sarasota News Leader June 27, 2014 Page 59

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