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Sarasota County Sheriff 's Office Marine Patrol deputies stopped seven vessels to conduct safety checks, arrested two people for Boating Under the Influence (BUI) and issued three written warnings and one cita- tion during Operation Dry Water, a national BUI awareness and enforcement campaign conducted locally on waterways and at boat ramps in Englewood, Nokomis and Venice over the previous weekend, the Sheriff's Office has reported. Over the course of three days, the office's personnel engaged in increased patrols, life jacket checks and boater education, a news release says. "Alcohol limits are the same on the water as on the road, so anyone boating with a .08 breath alcohol concentration (BAC) or above can be arrested," it adds. The two men arrested — Charles Lamb, 51, of 5631 Lingle St., North Port; and William Bunn, 27, of 108 Pearl Avenue South, Nokomis — crashed into pilings when they were trying to dock, the release adds. At Indian Mound Park in Englewood, a Sheriff's Office sergeant observed Lamb's ves- sel come in sideways and strike the pylons several times, according to the report. At the Nokomis Boat Ramp, a deputy observed Bunn ram the bow of his boat into a piling. Once the boat was secured to the dock, the report continues, Bunn appeared to fall from the driver's seat into the water. Once he was back in the boat, the report says, he "used the seats and railings to steady himself." Lamb had four passengers in his boat when he was approached by law enforcement officers, Image courtesy OPERATION DRY WATER RESULTS RELEASED BY SHERIFF'S OFFICE CRIME BLOTTER

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