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An extra $1,725,000 for road resurfacing and $1.8 million for the remodeling of the Terrace Building in downtown Sarasota and the R.L. Anderson Administration Center in Venice won unanimous nods this week from the Sarasota County Commission. However, a decision about proceeding with renovations of the South County court- room facilities in the Anderson Center will r e m a i n o n h o l d a t least until the board has its next budget work- shop, which is set for Aug. 20. That decision was pegged to uncertainty about how much money the board might need to make the media center in the planned Sarasota County Technical Institute (SCTI) in North Port a shared space with the public. Sarasota County School District staff is not at the point where it can provide an estimate, county staff told the commission- ers during their June 30 budget workshop. A schematic shows the plan for renovating space in the county's R.L. Anderson Administration Center in Venice to enable the Tax Collector's Office to handle more driver's license renewals. Image courtesy Sarasota County THE COUNTY COMMISSION ALLOCATES MORE MONEY TO PAVING FOR THE NEXT FISCAL YEAR AND AGREES TO PAY FOR RENOVATIONS NEEDED BY THE TAX COLLECTOR'S OFFICE I want the [courtroom renovations] to happen in the worst way, but I also want to make a decision based upon numbers and the financial feasibility. Christine Robinson Vice Chairwoman Sarasota County Commission By Rachel Brown Hackney Editor ROADS AND DRIVERS' LICENSES

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