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Sarasota County could be forced to pur- chase new voting equipment after the 2016 elections because the manufacturer is not guaranteeing it will continue to service it in the future, Sarasota County Supervisor of Elections Kathy Dent has informed the County Commission. Dent's chief of staff, Ron Turner, told The Sarasota News Leader that Sarasota County purchased the current system in 2007 for about $3.5 million. Turner declined to speculate on the cost of replace- ment machines. Representatives of Dominion Voting, from which the county bought the current equip- ment, said the shelf life was expected to be four-and-a-half years, D e n t s a i d d u r i n g her June 25 budget presentation to the Dominion Voting is the vendor that supplied the current elections equipment in Sarasota County. Image from the Dominion Voting website AN UNWELCOME POSSIBILITY THE SUPERVISOR OF ELECTIONS SAYS THE COUNTY MAY BE FORCED TO PURCHASE NEW VOTING MACHINES BECAUSE OF A COMPANY DECISION NOT TO KEEP SERVICING THE EXISTING ONES They have us over a barrel if they end up not supporting what we have. Kathy Dent Supervisor of Elections Sarasota County By Rachel Brown Hackney Editor

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