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Sarasota News Leader September 21, 2012 icies," but are instead "guidance policies," which can be adjusted if a particular event is deemed important enough. As an exam- ple, he says particular art exhibitions some- times don't comply with museum regula- tions, but if a specific show is worthy, the museum will make exceptions for it. Furthermore, he says, FSU lawyers felt the Romney campaign would not violate the university's policies. High calls the contract with the Romney campaign a "flat rental agreement" similar to all others the Ringling signs. Still, he says he wants to revisit the process that Page 13 led to the Romney contract once the rally has passed. "These are precedents that I don't think should be set," High says, "so we will cer- tainly have a discussion as an institution and as a component of Florida State Uni- versity as well, and make sure that all as- pects of the decision point are taken into account." Editor's note: Hat tip to Virginia Hoffman for first posting the museum's rental poli- cies. Old school journalism. 21st century delivery. Get It On Your iPad and other Devices

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