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Sarasota News Leader September 21, 2012 would be argued in a unique way where a five-story garage would be next to a sin- gle-family home," she said. "My view is it deals with maximizing the opportunity of citizens to have meaningful input into the decisions that affect their neighborhood," said Siegel. "And each par- ty should have equal weight in the process, and equal teeth too," added board member Jennifer Ahearn-Koch. After three hours of freewheeling discus- sion, there were no motions or votes. In- Page 16 stead two city Planning Department staff- ers walked away with pages of notes to condense and refine, so they can bring back material to the second of what looks like many future meetings to refine three chap- ters in the city's comprehensive plan. In the meantime for the Planning Board, it's back to evaluating petitions, juggling lawyers and listening to developers plead their plans, because development is picking back up. Find Us On Facebook

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