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Welcome to the first full, published edition of The Sarasota News Leader. This is a virtual (or electronic) news weekly. It is not pub- lished on paper. No trees died to produce it; no forests were wiped out. It represents the future of publishing in a world no less in need of information and news, but seeking to preserve the ecosphere on which we all depend. The Sarasota News Leader will be published every Friday. It will be readable on iPad and Android tablets, iPhone and Android smart- phones, and Kindle, Nook and other eReaders with a web-browsing capability, as well as on personal computers. With a seasoned staff of award-winning journalists – our editors alone have more than eight decades of combined experience – we provide hard-hitting, in-depth reporting on local government action and the major issues affecting Sarasota County. The news will be combined with fascinating feature stories, arts & entertainment spotlights and the legendary community calendar of This Week In Sarasota, Sarasota's No. 1 source for events, hot spots, fun activities and hidden gems. Many of you already are familiar with us from visiting our website, where we have been providing the same comprehensive coverage since April. Now our work is in an even more complete and captivating form. Thank you for looking at our publica- tion. We hope you will come to depend on The Sarasota News Leader for all of your Sarasota County news. With warmest regards, Editor and Publisher

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