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Sarasota News Leader September 21, 2012 multi-modal and transit features. In addi- tion, the county's program model includes the creation of clean technology and "green" jobs within this zone, thus promoting a bal- ance of jobs to housing. But the program has shifted, Damschroder says, to a more generic economic incentive plan that offers tax breaks to clean tech- nology and green businesses in those orig- inal zones, as well as in several designat- ed Major Employment Centers throughout the county. According to Damschroder, that change was driven by the state Legislature, which last year broadened the pilot pro- gram's operations. Page 32 During a regular meeting last week, the County Commission debated some of the specifics of the tax breaks it will offer, fo- cusing specifically on whether companies should receive benefits for hiring workers who (a) live just in the original Energy Eco- nomic Zone, (b) live within any county en- terprise zone or (c) live within any regional enterprise zone. Commissioner Jon Thaxton argued for the strictest interpretation, saying the original legislation was intended to discourage long commutes. The 2009 law that created the pilot program cited "discouraging sprawl and developing energy-efficient land use A Sarasota County staff PowerPoint presentation from Feb. 8 includes this map of enterprise zones throughout the state of Florida. Image courtesy Sarasota County

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