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Sarasota News Leader September 21, 2012 Corcoran then noted that Toyota represen- tatives had been in the county about two weeks earlier, shooting commercials on the Ringling Causeway and, reportedly, at Myakka River State Park. "They spent a quarter of a million dollars," Corcoran add- ed. Noting that she had visited a set in North Port last year when the film "Free Ride," starring Anna Paquin of "True Blood" fame, was shooting, Robinson said she had found it intriguing to see how much a movie crew could consume. "They do consume a lot," Corcoran agreed, including "raiding 7-11s for bottled water, sunscreen and all the twine, to tie down equipment." Businesses such as shoe stores and thrift shops also reap dollars from the film com- panies, Corcoran said. Page 42 "Hardware stores," Commissioner Jon Thaxton interjected. "It really reaches into a lot of layers in the community," Corcoran said. As for the Paquin film, Corcoran said that experience had been responsible in a large way for leading a veteran husband-and- wife film production team to relocate from Michigan to North Port. "Jeanne's a great cheerleader for Sarasota County throughout the country," Commis- sioner Joe Barbetta said. "This has been one of the … less-talked- about incentive programs that we've had," Thaxton said, "but it just continues to grow …" Thaxton made the motion to approve the replenishment of the incentive pool, with Barbetta seconding the motion.

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