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Sarasota News Leader September 21, 2012 Page 51 der the wings of Circus Sarasota, the original objectives of both organiza- tions have become fused – teaching the circus arts. "Our dream has come true," said Reis. (From left) Dolly Jacobs, Sarah Pappas, Pedro Reis and Richard Knight, chairman of the Circus Sarasota Board of Directors, make use of two sizes of scissors to cut the ceremonial ribbon. Photo by Norman Schimmel A year ago, the program was turned over to Circus Sarasota. Pedro Reis, the co-founder and chief of Cir- cus Sarasota, was master of ceremonies at the ribbon cutting. He noted his organiza- tion was found- ed in 1997 as the National Circus School of Per- forming Arts, but it quickly mor- phed into a per- forming circus with a debut – fittingly – on the grounds of the John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art. By bringing the Sailor Circus un- Funding for the headquarters rehab came, in part, from a $75,000 grant from the William and Marie Selby Foundation. Sarah Pappas, foun- dation president and CEO, said the organization has given $420,000 to both circuses over the past decade. "This merger represents what we hope all nonprofits can do – reach out and form alliances." Dolly Jacobs, the other co-founder of Circus Sarasota — and one of its stars — repeated Pappas' goal: "You don't get anywhere in life by yourself." Only time will tell if the two circuses be- come joined at the heart. Sarah Pappas of the Selby Foundation and Pedro Reis of Circus Sarasota unveil the plaque on the new headquarters. Photo by Norman Schimmel

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