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Sarasota News Leader September 21, 2012 He continued in the email, "The porous as- phalt was also found to be less structurally sound in the extreme heat …" However, Stuart wrote, "Pervious concrete … is a rigid pavement material that has a constant pore structure even in extreme heat that remains porous throughout." He added that it also "was found to remain at [a] cooler temperature [than] the porous as- phalt during the summer heat." LOW-IMPACT DESIGNS In a related discussion at the SKA meet- ing, Flynn pointed out that the county has a low-impact design manual. "Are we max- imizing the use of [that]?" he asked Smith. "I believe that we are," Smith said. Page 54 In renovating the existing parking lot at the beach, Smith said, the design team was planning to provide a network of bioswales, too, to bring runoff into the stormwater pond. "We will have that natural filtration coming directly off the parking lot," Smith added. When Flynn asked whether any improve- ments were planned to Beach Road itself, in conjunction with the work in the park, Smith said the project included nothing for the street. Beach Road changes were not part of staff's charge for the park improvements, Smith added. Find Us On Facebook

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