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Sarasota News Leader September 21, 2012 mean your cordless shaver. The city of Sarasota has installed a number of elec- tric-vehicle charging stations, including one on St. Armands. I've been writing about, riding in and driv- ing electric vehicles for years now. I've learned 80% of vehicle trips in America cov- er 10 miles or less. That electric vehicles pollute less, are cheaper to operate per mile than anything but a bicycle and are eerily silent. See for yourself. Yes, they are costly, but the cost keeps coming down. Ford this week announced a plug-in hybrid Fusion to com- pete with Chevy's Volt. And Mitsubishi's electric vehicle is giving Nissan's Leaf a run. There are now sufficient players to prompt competition. If you think $1 gas is just around the cor- ner, don't bother. If you believe the peak oil price was yesterday, hitchhike over to St. Armands on Sunday. Page 56 Gasoline in one side, and plug-in-power on the other: The Chevy Volt takes propulsion power both ways. Just don't confuse one opening with the other. Charging stations are expected to become more common, as electric-vehicle usage grows.

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