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Sarasota News Leader September 21, 2012 (in fines and late fees), we have the right to immobilize." He'd like to adjust that level up to $100 or more and employ it also if there are two unpaid tickets in 45 days or three unpaid tickets within 30 days. The fee to remove "the boot" is now $50, but Lyons would like to bump that to $75. "Sometimes it takes two people" to put on "the boot," he said. "The $50 doesn't cover the time." Fines will double for handicapped people who park in handicapped spots but fail to display their handicapped permit. That oversight would cost $15 instead of the cur- Page 62 rent $7.50. "We now have a high number of abusers," said Lyons. The City Commission agreed in concept to the new fee and fine schedule, and it autho- rized the city attorney to draft revisions to existing ordinances to set the penalties in place. Those changes should be ready just in time for tourist season. Lyons has been forced to seek additional revenue since the City Commission pulled the parking meters from downtown. Park- ing enforcement now will be funded strictly by fines. Old school journalism. 21st century delivery. Get It On Your iPad and other Devices

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