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Sarasota News Leader September 28, 2012 don firm Design4 Advertising to design and place its ads. "They're speaking to Obama haters and peo- ple who think he's a Muslim," said Janet Mor- gan, who attended Thursday's protest. The ad emphasizes Obama's middle name and says that if re-elected, he will "Force courts to accept Islamic Shariah Law in domestic dis- putes" and "Force police agencies to allow Muslim brotherhood to select staff," playing into racist conspiracy theories that say the president is secretly Muslim. "The paper owes the public an apology for this," Morgan said, "and in a place where we can see it." The newspaper apologized for the ad Wednes- day, writing that it did not meet "fairness and accuracy" standards, but protesters criti- cized the apology's small size. "If I don't get [an apology]," Morgan said, "I will cancel my subscription." Page 21 There is no FEC record detailing exactly how much GING-PAC spent on the Herald-Tribune advertisement; Director of Advertising Shari Brickley did not respond to a Sarasota News Leader call. "Sarasota Herald Tribune is responding to the mob the same way that Barack Hussein Obama responded to the Muslim mobs in Lib- ya," GING-PAC founder Murray said after the paper apologized, according to a statement posted on his organization's website. "The Sarasota Herald Tribune is apologizing to the radical left mob just as Obama apologized to the radical Islamic mobs." Murray has a long history of absurd statements ("Obama is carrying on what amounts to a Ji- had against non-Islamic religious groups"), still "fully supports" the Senate candidacy of Todd "legitimate rape" Akin and has accused opponents of attempting a "religious cleansing of American society." Tom Walker mocks the small size of the Sarasota Herald-Tribune apology at Thursday's protest. Photo by Cooper Levey-Baker

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