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Sarasota News Leader September 28, 2012 Reid also noted that he soon would be nam- ing a new communications manager for the county. In mid-May, Reid told The Sarasota News Leader that Liz Nolan, then the manager at Selby Public Library, would fill in temporari- ly as communications director, taking the position that Crystal Pruitt had held on an interim ba- sis. Reid added that the process for hiring a permanent director would begin soon. "While I believe we are a sound organization overall," Reid wrote in the Sept. 24 email, "there are changes in our orga- nizational structure that we feel are necessary to restore confi- dence and address the chal- lenges ahead. We recognize that Page 41 Regarding the Environmental Utilities Depart- ment, Reid noted in the email, "The county's utility systems are well prepared to face the challenges of the future, and the Environmen- tal Utilities management team is strong and very capable of managing the systems through this transition. Future hires will enhance our existing skill base and manage- ment expertise in these enter- prise-related operations." In a late-August interview with the News Leader, Reid talked of the time he had been spend- ing getting to know his staff and rebuilding it. "Government is people," he said. "You've got to have the right people in the right jobs." Theresa Connor Photo courtesy Sarasota County past efforts to consolidate services under the Operations and Maintenance Business Center have not been totally successful and this area has been undergoing administrative review." He pointed out that one of the unpleasant aspects of being a manager is having to let employees go from time to time. Associate Editor Cooper Levey-Baker con- tributed to this story. Find Us On Facebook

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