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Sarasota News Leader October 5, 2012 He added, "I've been doing community ser- vice … for 35 years in Sarasota County … and when I talk to people, I just get a lot of resonance" on the topic of families keeping chickens. During a regular meeting of CLUCK this week, Miller said, members reviewed the video of the speakers' comments on Sept. 25 and the commissioners' remarks. "The children are asking [the commissioners], 'Why can't we have chickens?' … Parents have come to the commissioners in good faith and said, 'What do we tell our kids?'" Miller point- ed out. "I wish that things had gone differently," he added. Page 12 Regarding chickens in the city of Sarasota, Miller said he visits with families who have had Code Enforcement complaints to try to remedy the situations. "And so far all of that has worked out," he said. "We'd be willing to do the same thing for the county." Jan Thornburg, the public information of- ficer for the City of Sarasota, told the News Leader, "From what I understand, there have only been a couple of minor issues that have popped up" with chickens in the city. Miller pointed out that more than three-quar- ters of the largest cities in the United States allow residents to keep chickens. "We're going to get there," he said of CLUCK's county initiative. The Sarasota County commissioners are split over whether to allow families to keep chickens in un- incorporated areas of the county. Photo by Norman Schimmel

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