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CONTENTS IN OPPOSITION CLUCK COMMITMENT NEWS & COMMENTARY CLUCK COMMITMENT IN OPPOSITION Members of a community organization want to work with Sarasota County to make chicken- keeping legal - Rachel Brown Hackney School Board votes against Amendment 8's proposal to funnel public money to religious schools - Scott Proffitt CONTRACTOR CONTROVERSY Firm says it is waiting to be paid before it can settle with subcontractors in 'atypical' work arrangement - Cooper Levey-Baker SAILING THROUGH Ringling Walmart plan clears DRC; next up — the Planning Board - Stan Zimmerman NEW RULES Local nonprofits could lose out on DCF behavioral health contracts - Cooper Levey-Baker CHARTER CHANGERS Erasing the anti-Walmart language - Stan Zimmerman THINK BEFORE YOU VOTE Village Association members asked to weigh in on proposed constitutional amendments - Rachel Brown Hackney PRESERVING A WAY OF LIFE Pinecraft community working with Sarasota County staff on a long-range plan - Rachel Brown Hackney COMMISSION DIGEST Missing emails, paint at the Chalk Festival and fear in the Hispanic community among topics aired - Stan Zimmerman COVER PHOTOS: Front - Norman Schimmel; Sarasota Leisure - Norman Schimmel 9 9 13 15 17 19 21 23 26 31

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