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PHOTO COMMISSION DIGEST Manuel Chepote addresses the Sarasota City Commission on Oct. 1, decrying the reinstatement of a police officer accused of mistreating an Hispanic arrestee almost three years ago. Photo by Norman Schimmel MISSING EMAILS, PAINT AT THE CHALK FESTIVAL AND FEAR IN THE HISPANIC COMMUNITY AMONG TOPICS AIRED By Stan Zimmerman City Editor A score of issues were taken up Monday, Oct. 1, by the Sarasota City Commission or pre- sented by residents. A downtown hotel, fear in the Hispanic community, paint at the Chalk Festival and more were aired and acted upon. SYLINT AND THE MISSING EMAILS One hot topic was a verbal report by John Jorgenson full of mystery and intrigue, ghost users, infiltration and incompetence. His com- pany, Sylint Cyber Security, Forensics and eD- iscovery, was hired to investigate allegations that former City Manager Bob Bartolotta erased emails in violation of the Florida Pub- lic Records Law. Jorgensen promised a full written report by the end of October, but he verbally informed the City Commission he could not interest the state attorney or the Florida Department of Law Enforcement in pursuing any criminal charges. "Unfortunately, because of the problems with the backups and log-in problems, it is very dif- ficult to trace back everything that has hap- pened on that system. Some emails were lost and probably will never be recovered," he said. A number of anonymous users with the high- est access were able to cruise the city's email

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