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CITY BRIEFS Former Sarasota Mayor Kelly Kirschner will moderate a program on Oct. 9 to raise funds for main- taining historic city structures. Photo by Norman Schimmel SPOTLIGHT ON 'OLD GRAY MAYORS,' RESTAURANTS COMING AND GOING AND COMMEMORATING BEACH DESEGREGATION By Stan Zimmerman City Editor 'OLD GRAY MAYORS' CHATTER AT CROCKER Sarasota city government is nonpartisan, a fact that is reflected in unusual ways. For ex- ample, past mayors can talk with each oth- er without scratching out each other's eyes. Sometimes they even back worthwhile causes together. On Tuesday Oct. 9, five of them are expected to assemble for a panel discussion about the city's past, present and future. If he shows up, it will be a rare public appearance for three- time Mayor Fredd Atkins. The other "grays" present will be Elmer Berkel, Kerry Kirschner and Mollie Cardamone. The fifth former mayor is not gray at all: Kelly Kirschner will moderate the discussion and perhaps egg on his elders. The session will benefit the Historical Society of Sarasota County. It will be held inside the 1901 Crocker Church in Pioneer Park. A $10 donation is asked of each attendee to help maintain the church and the adjoining Bidwell-Wood House. Built in 1882, that house is Sarasota's oldest surviving residence. FOR RESTAURANTS: HELLO AND GOODBYE There are more Michelin-starred restaurants in tiny Belgium than all of France. The cook-

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