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Sarasota News Leader October 5, 2012 ing is that good, food snobs say. But there must not be enough of those snobs to keep a local Belgian restaurant cooking. The Brasserie Belge across the street from the Hollywood 20 theaters has closed its doors, lasting only through one tourist season. The continental cuisine was highly ranked by local reviews and word of mouth, but the business succumbed to the economic doldrums. Meanwhile, an old downtown favorite is mov- ing to upscale quarters. The Peruvian-themed Ceviche will be moving off Main Street to the classy Mira Mar on Palm Avenue. Property owner Dr. Mark Kaufman announced the move of the popular restaurant on Tues- day, Oct. 2. Its service will operate in and around the courtyard of the historic apart- ment building. LIDO BEACH DESEGREGATION MARKER DEDICATED The Sarasota County Historical Commission is hosting a ceremony on Saturday, Oct. 6, to dedicate a historical marker commemorating the desegregation of area beaches. The cer- emony will be held in the landscaped area north of the Lido Beach Pavilion at 4 p.m. In 1951, Mary Emma Jones asked the county commissioners for a beach that could be used by African-Americans. The following year, county voters approved a bond issue to pay for beach acquisition. In 1955, Neil Humphrey led members of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People on several visits to Lido Beach. The city temporarily closed the beach, citing dangerous currents. In 1964, the Civil Rights Act made racial dis- crimination in public places illegal. The his- Page 37 Parking fines may be paid at the Sarasota Po- lice Department. Photo by Norman Schimmel torical marker notes it was several years after that before the beaches were integrated. PARKING AMNESTY EXTENDED The city's September parking ticket amnesty program resulted in 200 past-due tickets being paid, without the levy of a late fee. Now the city is extending the program through Octo- ber. Tickets must be more than 90 days old to qualify for amnesty. City officials say there are unpaid tickets adding up to approximate- ly $700,000 and going back to 2002. If one of them is yours, you could benefit from the am- nesty program and avoid having your car im- mobilized, or finding you have problems re- newing your tag. "As the initial program wrapped up at the end of September, we noticed some good momen- tum with people paying their old citations," said Parking Manager Mark Lyons in a press release. "Also our seasonal residents are be- ginning to return, so this will give them an opportunity to learn about the program and participate." Since the city did away with the downtown parking meters, the only way it can pay for parking enforcement is through ticket pay- ments and late fees.

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