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FULL-CIRCLE KARMA The prior incarnation of the Adams Lane Law Library had 5,000 linear feet of books. SARASOTA COUNTY LAW LIBRARY RETURNS TO OLD DIGS By Stan Zimmerman City Editor It's been a crazy two years for Roger Fischel, the county's law librarian. In October 2010, he was given only a few days to prepare for the Law Library's move from its location on Adams Lane, south of the Terrace Building in downtown Sarasota. Today he is back in the same place. Two years ago, the City of Sarasota, which owns the building where the library was lo- cated, wanted to create a wellness clinic for its employees. Because of a paperwork snafu, Fischel received scant warning. He was given a two-week notice to leave that location. His dumpster overflowed as he sorted the essen- tial from the less so. The majority of 5,000 lin- ear feet of books was put in storage. A mere 400 linear feet of shelf space was made available for the Law Library at the Sel- by Library downtown by shoehorning in on the Genealogy Department. And later, Fischel was moved to the loneliest spot in the library, the second-floor periodical section behind a glass-block wall — where he had his back to a monolithic block of shelving machines. "They treated me very well," he said of the li- brary staff. "They were very businesslike and professional." But law libraries are not like public libraries. In a public library, a librarian points you at the

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