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Sarasota News Leader October 19, 2012 Page 87 Rowers create a scenic shot on the Yarra River. Taking public transportation in the cities is also a great way to feel like a local. Sometimes even cooking supper at your temporary home can be fun. The advantages of living in a residence far outweigh the disadvantages. First of all, it is FREE! No matter how long you stay at your exchanger's residence, you will not have to pay "rent." Second, you might find yourself in a place with a terrace or a nice backyard, where you can enjoy an evening glass of wine. Doing occasional house cleaning in your home away from home also might seem far easier than you would expect. Cuthbert captures a scene from a local festival. The options for a home exchange seem end- less, and the comforts that come with staying in a spacious residence in the location of your choice are priceless. Since living in Sarasota these past 15 years, we have enjoyed five very successful exchang- es — from Europe, to Canada, to Australia. None of those month-long trips would have been financially feasible for us otherwise. Even more important, though, are the mem- ories of wonderful adventures and the new friendships we added along the way. The Rod Laver Arena was high on Harriet Cuth- bert's list of sites to visit, tennis fan that she is. The writer enjoys the view from her exchange home in Melbourne.

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