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Sarasota News Leader November 16, 2012 South Florida. Additionally, according to the news release, Bowden is an adjunct instruc- tor in the University of South Florida Manatee Department of Educational Leadership and Policy Development. Bowden was appointed director of SCTI in 2007. The Sarasota News Leader contacted Bowden via email and asked whether he plans any changes to the programs, if the School Board concurs, as expected, with White's recommen- dation. "I do not anticipate any immediate changes to the curricula offerings but I do expect that CTE programs will be coordinated more effi- ciently," Bowden wrote. "This could result in changes to what we teach and how we teach it." Page 33 He continued, "This is an administrative con- solidation of SCTI, SPHS, ACE and CTE into one organization under one administrator." Because SCTI and SPHS have worked closely with the district CTE department for years, he continued, "This is an opportunity to take that relationship to a new level." The news release quoted White as saying, "Dr. Bowden has the perfect combination of instructional leadership experience, business acumen and passion for career education that we need to take our CTE programs to the next level." Although White will discuss the plan with the School Board next week, the news release says Bowden's appointment is scheduled to be on the board's Dec. 4 agenda. % Suncoast Polytechnical High School, adjacent to the Sarasota County Technical Institute, is a mag- net school for students interested in careers in science and technology. The school consistently has won plaudits since its opening several years ago. Photo by Scott Proffitt

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