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STORMY WATERS Visitors enjoy the waters of Warm Mineral Springs in south Sarasota County. Photo by Rachel Levey-Baker NORTH PORT COMMISSION PUTS THE BRAKES ON WARM MINERAL SPRINGS REDEVELOPMENT By Cooper Levey-Baker Associate Editor The North Port City Commission slammed the brakes on a process designed to solicit ideas to redevelop Warm Mineral Springs during an adversarial — and, at times, downright snide — public meeting held Monday, Nov. 26. ing, at which both commissions unanimously voted to begin soliciting long-term plans for the property. The contract with the company currently doing business at the springs expires next June, and commissioners hoped to have at least the rudiments of a long-term solution The commission gathered to consider going in place by then. forward with an Invitation to Negotiate, which would allow private developers to put forward But that plan came to a halt Monday, when the their ideas for how to redevelop Warm Miner- North Port commission — led by Mayor Linda al Springs, the 87-degree "Fountain of Youth" Yates and two newly elected commissioners jointly purchased by North Port and Sarasota — shot down a motion to approve the Invitation to Negotiate. Yates, who voted in favor of County in 2010. the Invitation to Negotiate in July, raised sevThe Invitation to Negotiate process was set in eral concerns about the plan, from the makemotion in July during a joint city-county meet- up of the selection and negotiation teams that

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