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Sarasota News Leader November 30, 2012 OPINION Page 53 LETTERS TO THE EDITOR To the Editor: All of this happened within seconds. If you have a large dog that shows signs of any type of aggression, never let it out of your immediate control. Put a muzzle on it when it is outside the house. Sandy and Todd took Casey to the Sarasota Veterinary Emergency Center on U.S. 41. The wounds were deep and messy, because the attacking dog had shaken Casey. All the wounds required stitches. If you have a small dog, keep your dog close and be aware that it only takes a few seconds She was put on an IV with wide-spectrum anfor tragedy to occur. tibiotics and other life-saving medications. A herculean effort was made by the doctors and Sandy and Todd Frauhiger drove into their gatechnicians to save Casey. rage in Osprey about 5:30 p.m. on Nov. 24. Casey later succumbed to massive infection Sandy opened the car door and got out. Caand heart failure. sey, their Cairn terrier, followed her. As Sandy bent to pick up Casey to take her into the The attacking dog belonged to nearby neighhouse, a large dog raced into the garage out of bors. The dog was fine around people, but it nowhere, with no sound and no eye contact, had a history of aggression toward smaller dogs. It and other dogs the people own had and attacked Casey in Sandy's arms. escaped from the lanai and were roaming the The dog took Casey's whole head into its neighborhood. They just happened to be there mouth. Sandy was screaming; Casey was when Sandy and Todd pulled into their garage. squealing. Sandy could not pull the dog's jaws The owners of the dog feel terrible. Animal off Casey. Control has been notified. Todd jumped from the car, grabbed the attackLucena Winberg ing dog's collar and twisted it until the dog Sarasota could not breathe. The dog released Casey. Press Releases & News Tips

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